04/26/23 NEWS: 

*hello all!

here is what's new: 'outlaw adjacent' (aka solo LP #5) is out 6/2/23. there will be a pre-order link up shortly for those inclined. you can check out 'mr. right now' from the forthcoming album here - in other news, attempt | survivors shows (east coast & west) are up in the shows section. links to tix are live for any venue that's made them available. lastly, a few months out i will be supporting 'the hugs' in seattle w/ a handful of shows pre/post pending.




03/10/23 NEWS: 

*hello all!

trying to be better about this whole communication thing. alas, i have things to communicate! in live news, the band i play in 'attempt survivors' is playing BOS and NY in may, and our first song from the album is up & streaming now right here. lastly, you can pick up our debut'negative nite' by clicking here. i have a ton of solo news coming shortly in the form of songs /shows /etc. until then...


11/12/22 NEWS:

one month from today i head back east to finish up solo record #5; shows/vinyl etc. to follow in 2023 as the train keeps rolling. in the meantime, check out these local gigs (duo/full band respectively) i'm opening both to support friends, so please come early & enjoy!

saturday 11/12/22 - al's den at the crystal hotel (21+ 7pm sharp!) 

sunday 12/4/22 - white eagle (all ages 3pm)  


9/19/22 NEWS:

*good people attempt survivors l.p. one is wrapped up - we're currently planning east coast show(s) in early 2023 to celebrate said release (commence: vinyl/overdue conversation/etc.) otherwise, i head back east to finish up solo album #5 in just over 6 weeks. such a talented crew involved in this one & dear friends to boot. a show or 2 before years end? a cool collaboration in process? reissues forthcoming? time. will. tell. 


6/4/22 NEWS:

*new single 'marks' out 7/1 on all streaming platforms! in a few short weeks kyle is back from helmet tour & we all head back east to record the attempt survivors l.p. -- boom! xo


4/23/22 NEWS:
*pdx show announcement! gonna play some tunes at the'the hugs' record release gig - doug fir. 6/2/22.get yer tickets right here! xo (j)


 3/18/22 NEWS:


*hello all, i'm involved in a new project called 'attempt survivors' (members of helmet/saetia/vs. antelope) we've got nifty little 7" in two colors you can pre-order here! in solo news, pdx show announcement soon -- more good things brewing...xo (j)


born down in 'frisco before you were around / in a hospital that since burned to the ground /accident or arson / someone's bound to ask...